An Entire Regimen In Two Potent Products

They say two's company, which must be why skinARCTICA insists on selling their Formula face cream and Cleanser & Toner together. But in this case, two isn't company-it's concentrated, clarifying and complexion-compelling.

The crystal-clear Cleanser & Toner is a gentle gel that tackles two steps in one, and it's the perfect preparation for the remarkable moisturizer known as Formula. Instead of plain water, Formula is based in 15,000-year-old, mineral-free glacial water and packed with organic arctic extracts from Scandinavia. Among them: white willow (which offers mildly exfoliating salicylic acid), sea buckthorn (rich in essential fatty acids), black currant, lingonberry, and blueberry.

These nourishing, anti-inflammatory components just scratch the surface of Formula's potential. Its antarcticine has the power to greatly increase collagen and noticeably decrease the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Meanwhile, a unique botanical derivative called IBR Snowflake inhibits not only the muscle contractions that can cause expression lines, but also the overproduction of melanin that can cause discoloration.

If you resent having to buy two products, think of it this way: the results you'll get from these two products is more than some entire skincare lines can give you!