A Spot-On Serum From A Deft Dermatologist

When your doctor recommends a solution to your health problems, you listen and comply, right? Well, you may not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Kenneth Beer if you don't live in Florida, but he has advice for correcting your hyperpigmentation-and that advice takes the form of his very own serum.

Part of Dr. Beer's burgeoning brand, Scientific, Brightening Serum incorporates a combination of familiar and rare discoloration-diminishing botanical extracts, including seaweed, Indian gooseberry, grape, strawberry begonia, mulberry, cowslip, peppermint, lady's mantle, melissa and speedwell. (Have you even heard of half of those? But that doesn't mean they aren't excellent ingredients!)

Many of these components go beyond brightening to serve an overall antioxidant purpose. And with a high level of hyaluronic acid, Brightening Serum leaves your skin hydrated, protected and a little more even-toned with every application.