Give Curly Hair A Hand With A Distinct Diffuser

Those of us at NewBeauty with curly hair go through stages of acceptance. Sometimes we embrace our curls, and sometimes we go to great lengths to deny their existence. But an invention by DevaCurl has made it much easier to relish our ringlets.

When we first saw a picture of the DevaFuser, we thought it was some kind of funky glove. And in a way, it is. But not for your hand-for your blow dryer. Unlike any diffuser you've ever seen before, the ergonomic design allows for 360 degrees of even, gentle air flow.

As it moves hair in a way that's far friendlier than the same old scrunch, the DevaFuser essentially eliminates frizz. And isn't that what keeps us curly girls from going with our natural texture?

Aside from its amazing abilities, we love that the DevaFuser comes with one of DevaCurl's best styling products, Set It Free Moisture Lock Spray, which helps keep curls from dehydrating.