A Little Moroccan Magic To Overhaul Your Hair

Even though Moroccan women have been using argan oil as a beautifier for centuries, I've noticed that it seems to be enjoying a renaissance. Derived from a very localized tree, it has been showing up in numerous new skin, nail and hair products, one of which is being touted as a bottled miracle.

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment has found a home at more and more hairstylists' stations-my own stylist's included (hi, Jennifer!)-as word gets out about its transformative powers. Made in Israel, ironically, Morrocanoil's principal product features a balanced mix of argan oil, linseed extract, and coumarin that benefits every hair type, especially thick, brittle locks like my own.

Unlike other leave-in oil treatments, vitamin-rich Moroccanoil doesn't make hair look or feel greasy, yet it smoothes the shafts to a frizz-free, super-shiny finish that becomes more intrinsic to your hair each time you use it. Applied after your normal shampoo-and-conditioner routine, it also soothes the scalp-something I can definitely appreciate, since mine can get annoyingly itchy.

I've come to find that the reputation and rumors are accurate: this healing, nourishing and strengthening blend is as close as you can get to a magic potion for beautiful hair.