Fun And Healthy Hues For Your Lips

Just because a product is made by a serious-sounding brand like Surgeon's Skin Secret doesn't mean it can't be fun. Case in point: their Lip Gloss. Although packed with skin-nourishing ingredients any doctor would approve of, this balm-like formula also comes in an array of playful colors and scents.

The side of you that's committed to caring for your skin will appreciate the combination of almond and castor seed oil, and three kinds of natural, lip-loving waxes: beeswax, carnuba and candelilla. Meanwhile, your flirtatious side will enjoy a range of flattering, layerable tints with flavors like cherry, peach, banana and grapefruit.

Although this $5 gloss may not be the most sophisticated piece of skincare in your collection, it will easily become one of the most enjoyable and beneficial!