Bring Home The Sights And Scents Of Beauty

I put a lot of thought into my apartment's decor, but admittedly, not its scent. I've grown immune to it, but my mother regularly reminds me, "It smells like Max in here." (Max is my dog.) So I've been looking for a way to improve my home's aroma in a more visually appealing way than a scented outlet cover.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to recently discover Casa di Francesca, a home fragrance collection that clearly gives as much care to aesthetics as it does to scents. Their diffusers are beautiful in both their visual simplicity and brilliant bouquets, which include inspired aromas like Persian Violet, Cut Flowers, English Leather, Pineapple and Wild Jasmine, Italian Linen, and my personal favorite, Versailles Tuberose.

But Casa di Francesca allows you to make their scents a true centerpiece with their gorgeous Murano Glass Vases. They're all absolutely amazing, from the long, monochromatic ones to the round, multicolor ones. (My eyes immediately leapt to the Green Millefiori vase pictured here-I audibly gasped the first time I saw it on Casa di Francesca's official website!)

This collection has really reminded me of the value of atmosphere, and how the senses of both smell and sight make an undeniable impact. (When I'm writing these DailyBeauty reviews at home, everything feels just a little more beautiful!) And after years of passing on mass-marketed odor eliminators with zero style, it's truly a delight to find a special home fragrance that I can not only live with, but love.