Remold Your Body In A Month

If you've ever tried a firming or slenderizing body formula, you've probably found yourself looking in the mirror and asking, "OK, when is this supposed to start working?" But Rodial is so confident about the fat-fighting abilities of their slimming, anti-cellulite gel, body sculpture, that they've declared it to be a "4 week treatment" right under the title on the box and bottle.

Made for the hips and thighs, body sculpture utilizes algae, caffeine, and proteins from wheat and white lupine to stimulate the drainage of tissue for a more toned appearance. These ingredients also contribute to the breakdown of fatty deposits, so cellulite becomes less apparent.

Also boasting lavender, tangerine and Rodial's signature ellagic tannins from pomegranate, body sculpture is just as nourishing and protective as it is silhouette-refining.

So if you see yourself looking a little more like a work of art after about a month, don't say Rodial didn't tell you so.