Prime Your Eyes For Lineless, Lasting Shadow

Think applying eye shadow to a bare lid will produce the best possible result? That's adorably optimistic of you. The fact of the matter is that lid lines (which multiply with age, unfortunately) stand in the way of an even application; moreover, between the uncertain staying power of some powder and cream preparations and the varying oiliness of your skin, shadow rarely remains looking like it should hours-sometimes minutes-after it goes on.

Face it: you need a primer that not only creates a smooth canvas, but one that's essentially adhesive, too.

This is where Pop Beauty comes in. Their Eye Magnet Primer practically grips onto color so it stays looking fresh and fabulous all day. But before it starts holding on for dear life, chamomile, vitamin E and line-filling mineral complex ronasphere smooth out your lid for a youthful-looking, creaseless finish that accepts color much more evenly. Add light-diffusing and water-resistant properties to the formula, and you wonder how you wore shadow before this must-have makeup enhancer.

We love the lip-gloss-like application, with one of those brilliant brush tips where you twist until the product comes through. It makes improving your eye shadow that much easier, so you have no excuse to settle for a second-rate look.