Rehydrate Skin To The Highest Degree

As we age, skin's hydration levels take a nosedive. And the thirstier your skin is, the more likely it is to show imperfections, like lines and signs of sun damage. With this decline in mind, Texas-based Avasiare has created an oil-free moisturizer that replenishes every type of skin, as they're all vulnerable to dehydration.

Mineral Rehydrator is formulated to restore the optimum amount of water into your parched skin cells. Ironically, though, water is not the most abundant ingredient in this light face cream. Instead, a concentrate of whole-leaf aloe vera is listed first, as it's both moisturizing and calming. Followed closely by purified water, the aloe's actions are enhanced by nourishing safflower oil, antioxidant-teeming sweet cheery seed oil, moisture-imparting whole wheat protein, and soothing, smoothing comfrey.

Although you won't find an SPF rating on Mineral Rehydrator, the mineral mentioned in the title is titanium dioxide, which naturally fends off harmful UV rays.

Fragrance-free and pH-balanced, this formula leaves skin soft, happy, and thoroughly helped, so signs of aging and dehydration don't interfere with your skin's beauty or comfort.