A Fishy New Solution For Sensitive Skin

Collagen and peptides are found in plenty of skincare products, and their benefits and sources vary greatly. Now, researchers have found that a certain combination, featuring a collagen tripeptide from a specific seafaring source, may be the answer those with sensitive skin have been looking for.

The San Gallicano Dermatological Institute recently identified two compounds with individual abilities that add up to relief for sensitive skin when combined in a lotion. The first, a gluco-oligosaccharide, helps protect skin from infection without inducing bacterial resistance; the other, a collagen tripeptide, stimulates fibroblast production-and it just happens to be acquired from fish skin.

Together, when applied topically, study volunteers with sensitive skin experienced a decrease in inflammation, roughness, and trans-epidermal water loss, as well as an increase in the uniformity of skin's surface. Researchers also found a stabilization in pH.

The demonstrated normalization could mean that this combination will appear in future formulas aimed at treating sensitivity. However, because of the fish-derived portion of the mixture, vegans with sensitive skin would need to continue looking for another option.