The Easiest Flat Iron I'Ve Ever Used

Believe it or not, I've been using an $18 drug-store-bought flat iron for over half a decade. But sadly, my steadfast straightener fell off the bathroom counter and shattered into pieces a few weeks ago, leaving me looking for something just as reliable or better. And I'm pleased to report that I did, indeed, find something better.

A favorite of professional stylists, Gold 'N Hot Elite offers the smart heat 1" Nano Ceramics Straightening Iron. I've always found one-inchers easier to use than irons of other widths, but that's not the only reason this tool is so impressively easy.

Instead of asking you to pick a degree or, as my late iron had, an arbitrary heat number, this iron has you choose your hair type: coarse, medium, fine and even synthetic, for safe straightening of hair extensions. And instead of an easy-to-undo setting on a knob, smart heat has you lock in your setting with a button you can't accidentally adjust. The rubberized guards flanking the ceramic plates makes the iron especially safe, too.

I was sad to lose my old iron, but I need to be really careful with my smart heat iron. If I break such an outstanding styling device, I will be flat-out devastated!