Peptide-Packed Eye Cream That Meets The Silver Standard

A while back, we told you about the most expensive soap we'd ever seen: Cor Silver Service Treatment. And yes, there is, indeed, actual silver in it-hence the $125 price tag. Well, in the two years it took us to pick our jaws up off the floor, Cor launched a whole series of skincare formulas, and we've got our eye on The Silver Eye Cream.

Silver is known to stimulate cell growth, so Cor's signature nano-silver-with-silica combo is a crucial element in this formula. But team it with powerful peptides, and the anti-aging benefits are taken to a whole new level. The cream's palmitoyl pentapeptide spurs collagen and elastin production, and adds density to delicate eye-area skin so it can better protect itself from external aggressors. Meanwhile, acetyl hexapeptide relaxes muscle contractions so expression lines, like crow's-feet, become less obvious.

There are less sesquipedalian-yet equally important-ingredients, too, like fatty-acid-packed macadamia extract, highly protective vitamin E, and discoloration-stopping vitamin C. All are fed to your skin through a special time-release delivery system the ensures optimum effectiveness.

The result? An immediate and long-term decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, as well as brightened shadows, for youthful-looking eyes that gleam like... well... silver.