Plump And Polish Your Lifeless Locks

Usually, when you want both volume and shine, they must be procured from two different bottles. But this styling standard can backfire, with piled-on products weighing hair down and making it dull-the exact opposite of what you want.

Great news for those of us with limp and lackluster locks: both benefits have been incorporated into Kenra Platinum Thickening Glaze. This clever new concoction features a virtual salad of body builders and shine-enhancers-like goji berry, lemongrass, sunflower and green tea-which make up their Bodifying Complex. In addition to adding radiance and fullness, the lightweight formula fortifies and protects with a UV-filtering duo and oodles of antioxidants.

Thickening Glaze will quickly become a pivotal part of your blow-drying strategy, thanks to its thermally protective powers and absolutely easy-to-achieve results.