Botox And Fillers For Suffering Feet

As chic as you may look, a day in sky-high heels can be torture on your feet; but injectable fillers usually used in the face can be used in the feet to add cushioning and make stilettos and platforms more bearable.

Both hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, and longer-lasting fillers like Sculptra Aesthetic and Radiesse can be injected into the balls of the feet for increased comfort that lasts from about six months to a year or more. (Just keep in mind that this is an off-label use and the long-term safety has not yet been determined.)

If sweaty feet are an issue, Botox can be safely used to curb excess perspiration. A few strategically placed injections can stop sweating at the source, and results can last four months or more.

As an added bonus, you'll see results lasting longer with each subsequent treatment.