Tube Mascara: Too Good Tu-Be True?

The latest innovation in lash-lengthening cosmetics, "tube" mascaras, like those by blinc and d.j.v. beautenizer, desposit product around the lashes in tubes, offering waterproof and smudge-proof volume and length.

Instead of oils and waxes, these mascaras use flexible polymers that form a film that's longer than the actual lash, giving the appearance of increased length. And with multiple coats, you can build up the lashes more and more.

The upsides of this kind of mascara are that it's flake- and smudge-proof, and the tubes come off easily with a little warm water. The downsides, to some, are the tube residue that can be left in the sink after washing, and the inability to add significant thickness to lashes.

However, a few companies have come up with a solution: when paired with a plumping primer, people may start to ask if you're wearing extensions.

Do you use tube mascara? Why or why not? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below!