Redken To Roots: We Have Liftoff

Getting a full, sexy look is not always as simple as volumizing hair-care products make it out to be on their bottles. Those who have naturally thicker locks can have difficulty achieving noticeable results, while fine-haired dames, like myself, must be especially careful not to use too much product and end up with a weighed-down mane.

Most root-lifting and volume-enhancing products cling to the root and hair shaft to plump the hair and encourage it away from your scalp, adding body to your hair. Over the years, this technique has proven itself pretty effective-but these days, we expect our products to go above and beyond. Redken's Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray uses their Clean-Feel Technology, which gives tons of fullness without getting sticky or stiff, allowing all hair types to reap the benefits.

Rootful sports a unique nozzle for precision application, so you can control exactly how much product you want to apply. Once it dries, your roots are lightweight and soft-not at all greasy. For fine hair, a couple strategic spritzes will give a light lift, while on thick hair, you can spray more amply along the roots to give an overall boost of body. It lasts all day, and even helps control frizz.

Having finally found a product I can use on my own hair to give just the right kind of volume, I use it every single day before styling-and have lost count of the compliments!