A Superhero Serum That Fights The Evil Signs Of Aging

In the beauty industry, a brand's most popular product is called the "hero product." With 3LAB, however, we think they should coin a new term for their formidable new formula, Super "h" Serum: superhero product. It may not be 3LAB's best-known commodity-yet-but it certainly earns such a designation with its almost-otherworldly powers.

The moisturizing Super "h" Serum employs some of the most effective antioxidants available, such as Indian gooseberry, to slow signs of skin aging-from loss of elasticity to the gaining of age spots. But if this was just another antioxidant serum, we wouldn't be singing its plucky praises.

The high-tech highlights of this formula sound like a new generation of X-Men. There's 3LAB's patented Nano-Claire GY, a synthetic growth hormone that bioactively compensates for natural growth hormone loss; PhytoCellTec, age-delaying stem cells from a rare Swiss apple; Osilift, an instant skin tightener and long-term wrinkle reducer made from sugar molecules; and Matriyxl 3000, the fibroblast-stimulating peptide combo that fights fine lines via increased collagen.

And perhaps the greatest justification for the serum's $300 price tag: EUK-134, a complex that stifles the oxidative stressed caused UVB exposure and commands a $570-per-ounce valuation.

With an invincible villain like aging always trying to cause trouble, it's nice to know Super "h" Serum is looking out for you-and making your skin look invincible.