Beverages For A Better You

When a box labeled "adult formulas" arrived at the office, we were perplexed. Adult is a loaded word-it could indicate anything from "for the elderly" to "for the amorous." But inside the package was an unexpected array of drinks-nonalcoholic ones, just in case you were wondering if adult might refer to that-with some very particular purposes.

The colorful collection was by neuro, a brand that aims to make their beverages as functional as they are refreshing and tasty. The first of the 35-calorie formulas to catch our collective eye was neuro TRIM, for weight-loss support. Alongside its natural fruit flavors is a proprietary blend of effective ingredients.

Topping the list is a special kind of fiber known as LuraLean, which is clinically proven to help with weight loss and digestive health. Then there's L-carnitine, the fat-to-energy converter, gymmema sylvestre, a sugar-blocking herb, and good old caffeine, for boosted metabolism. Neuro TRIM also includes anti-aging antioxidants resveratrol and green tea, which happens to help with calorie-burning.

If weight isn't your worry, neuro has several other options, like neuro SLEEP for healthier shut-eye, neuro BLISS for a better mood, and neuro SONIC for enhanced mental performance. And if you're still waiting for something expressly "adult," there's neuro GASM-no explanation required.