Cry-Proof Concealer With Corrective Coverage

Every woman knows to wear waterproof mascara to a wedding or sappy movie, but we overlook what should be obvious: why don't we wear waterproof under-eye concealer? After all, isn't that where the tears are going to fall? And once your dark circles are exposed for all to see, you'll really have something to cry about.

This long-overlooked oversight is why we love Bye Bye Under Eye from IT Cosmetics. Designed with Brazilian plastic surgeons, this concealer is determined to stay in place through an emotional monsoon. Highly pigmented, it only takes a little to get full coverage for a full day.

We love that Bye Bye Under Eye isn't just illusory. While it hides puffiness and covers darkness, its moisturizing, collagen-laced formula actually addresses these issues with vitamins A, C, E and the especially-effective discoloration diminisher, K.

Between its smooth, long-wearing coverage and long-term benefits, we wouldn't blame you if you wear it on days you don't plan on crying.