Pomegranate Protection For Color-Treated Hair

Keeping your hair color vibrant requires year-round effort, but in the summer, it's especially crucial. Longer, stronger sunshine means more opportunity for fading, so you need some extra support.

We've found exactly that in Klorane's No Rinse Care with Pomegranate. This creamy concoction provides UV and antioxidant protection through tannin-rich pomegranate extract, with keratin and antioxidant polyphenols. It's purported to not only allow color to last twice as long, but even enhance it. Quite a feat in the summertime!

It's super-easy to add this leave-in formula to your styling routine, because doesn't matter whether you apply it to wet or dry hair; but we recommend slathering it on dry hair right before you head outside, so its at its most potent when you see the sun.