A Body Cream That Rivals Face Formulas

Firming and lifting DMAE, wrinkle-reducing marine extracts, skin-softening shea butter: it sounds like a list of key ingredients in a sophisticated anti-aging cream-and it is. But it's not intended for your face. Skin Nutrition has brought these potent components together to reverse the signs of time on your body.

With almost 20 face formulas, Skin Nutrition knows a thing or two (or two-hundred) about anti-aging skin care. So it's no wonder that they easily implemented their know-how into their Body Beautiful Body Rejuvenation Cream.

Like many body creams and lotions, it contains deeply moisturizing shea butter and nourishing essential oils; but what makes it truly noteworthy are the toning, plumping, restructuring ingredients that fight photo-aging, loss of elasticity, and overall age-induced skin damage, setting it apart from simpler formulas.

Body Rejuvenation Cream doesn't resemble a fancy face cream in recipe alone; at $95, its price is similar, too. But its proven effects make it worth the comparable cost.