Boost Skin's Health With A Special Spray

It's not every day that we find a product that can benefit every skin type, which is why LATHER's Bulgarian Rose Phyto-Nutrient Elixir is such a standout. This remarkable formula has something for everyone; and as if that isn't exceptional enough, it's also happens to be an effortless spray.

Elixir really is the right word to describe this anytime tonic, because it does wonders for the overall health of your skin. Its immune system gets a virtual booster shot from Madagascan ylang ylang, oat, and the organic title ingredient, which also help prevent and reverse inflammation. That means less redness, especially in sensitive skin.

Those prone to breakouts will enjoy the spritz's sebum-policing power, while absolutely everyone can reap the collagen-encouraging rewards of its vitamin A polypeptide and antioxidant grapeseed extract.

We think it makes a great post-cleanser alternative to toner, but it can also be used throughout the day when you feel like you're lacking a good glow. (And who doesn't want that?!)