Safer Tanning Through Tomato?

We know the best way to prevent skin aging and cancer: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. That said, sunscreen has yet to be perfected, so we're always keeping our eyes open for alternative additions to our sun-protection regime.

The latest atypical topical to make a blip on our radar is tomato suntan gel by Hungarian beauty brand ilike. This organic formula contains a hint of titanium dioxide, but otherwise, its list of ingredients hardly resembles regular sunscreen.

Recommended for sun worshippers, tomato suntan gel's blend of tomato juice, stonecrop, horse chestnut, calendula, milkweed, and various botanical oils is said to let just enough healthy vitamin D-producing rays through while preventing burns and cell damage. It also provides plenty of vitamins on its own: A, B, C, E, H and K, to be exact.

We're totally intrigued by this unusual import, but because it doesn't have an official SPF rating, you may want to layer it with a traditional sunscreen to play it extra-safe.