Luxurious Lotion That Captures The Essence Of Africa

There are a million different reasons for choosing a particular body lotion. You may want it to be soothing, or provide sun protection, or just unobtrusively moisturize. But sometimes, you want a full-on experience, which is exactly what BABOR's exotic Khanya of Africa Revitalizing Body Lotion provides.

The first thing you're bound to notice about this lotion is its sensual scent, which is reflective of African botanicals. Among those botanicals is marula, a fruit-bearing tree whose oil nourishes skin and helps rebuild its natural barrier. Meanwhile, long-last moisture is provided by an extract of resurrection plant (which, ironically, dries up every year).

The revitalizing feeling and fragrance make this body lotion truly addictive, but it's outstanding enough to save for special occasions.