Alternative Toothpaste With Uncommon Calcium

Calcium is a must for strong, healthy teeth, but not all toothpastes contain this important element. Coral White, however, boasts calcium as its top ingredient, and where that calcium comes from makes this toothpaste even more distinctive.

The calcium in Coral White is derived from ionic coral minerals, which help to neutralize the pH of an acidic mouth. Environmentalists, worry not: the manufacturer pledges that the ocean is never touched to make this toothpaste, instead harvesting from only above-sea coral, where virtually no life exists.

Although Coral White doesn't contain fluoride, it features a host of uncommon-and uncommonly beneficial-ingredients, such as goldenseal, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, echinacea, and cinnamon to effectively clean your teeth and freshen your breath. A touch of hydrogen peroxide helps whiten, as well.

Coral White isn't so unusual that you can't get it in a mint flavor-you most definitely can. But if you want to go full-throttle on the alternative toothpaste experience, we recommend the tea tree flavor!

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    The best advice is to ask your dentist or hygienist before deciding to purchase and switch to alternative toothpastes. There are so many toothpastes on the market now that you need to match your oral health needs to the specific ingredients advised by your own dentist or hygienist who will be aware of your specific needs.