Anti-Aging Hormones: Risky Trend Or Real Deal?

From highly-visible celebrities to the divorcée next door, more and more people have started swearing by anti-aging hormones. The medical industry has been largely reticent about this alternative practice, but last week, the American Medical Association took an official stance.

The AMA is decidely unsupportive of anti-aging hormones, saying there is more risk than reward in this particular use of DHEA, testosterone and human growth hormone-a favorite of Sylvester Stallone. Those risks include diabetes and swollen tissues.

Additionally, the AMA is skeptical of so-called bioidentical hormones, which have garnered raves from Suzanne Somers and Oprah. Delegates say they are not necessarily safer than the traditional estrogen and progesterone prescribed for menopause symptoms.

Despite anecdotal success, the AMA insists on much more scientific evidence of effectiveness and safety before it will support these hormones as a legitimate anti-aging treatment.

Have you tried any of these therapies for anti-aging purposes? Would you? Tell us about your experience and why you would or wouldn't consider using anti-aging hormones by leaving a comment below.