Color-Coded Skin Therapy

Aromatherapy took a while to catch on in the beauty industry, but once it did, it became a huge, enduring trend. We can see the same thing happening for chromotherapy, or color therapy, which is the cornerstone of a unique new skincare line called KROIA.

Created by certified color counselor and natural beauty Karla Farach, KROIA features three Active Foaming Moisturizers. The concept of a foaming moisturizer (which liquifies on contact, by the way) is intriguing in and of itself, but it's their respective emphases and means of achieving specific skincare goals that's truly fascinating.

Yellow Therapie Energizing Illuminate & Revitalize Active Foaming Moisturizer employs topaz crystal, mangosteen and neroli to brighten a dull complexion and protect its newfound radiance. The Blue Therapie Soothing Calm & Balance version contains quartz crystal, chamomile and lavender to stop irritation by external aggressors while perfectly hydrating sensitive skin. Both Yellow and Blue Therapies have anti-aging properties, but it's the Pink Therapie Age Defying Intensive Renewal variety that's fully focused on fighting wrinkles with rose quartz crystal, pomegrante, rose, and a special appearance by line-relaxing hexapeptide, Argireline.

The all-important colors of these oil-free, paraben-free formulas are achieved through essential oils and other carefully chosen extracts, because KROIA wants to ensure that it's not just your skin that transforms-it's your overall well-being.