Shampoo And Conditioner That Will Convince You To Go Natural

I've never been one to stay particularly up-to-date on the whole "green" movement. Sure, I recycle, carpool to work, and occasionally shop at Whole Foods; but aside from that, I don't really pay too much attention to the words natural and organic-particularly when it comes to my beauty products. But, I'm a long-time fan of Samy, so when I stumbled upon their new line of organic hair care, e-sen-cia, I was curious to find out what the benefits are, and if I'd really be able to tell a difference.

According to my pre-use web research, all-natural hair-care products are designed to preserve color and the natural protective layers of the hair. Free from chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can be absorbed into the scalp and follicles, they also boast the ability to produce weightless, long-lasting volume.

So with an optimistic attitude, I tested out e-sen-cia's Mandarin Citrus Horsetail & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. True to their promise, both products felt extremely lightweight, even during the application. Compared to traditional shampoos, e-sen-cia's organic formula feels less soapy going on, but instantly leaves a silky finish on wet strands. The conditioner delivered similar results, leaving my post-shower hair with a healthy shine.

If the organic label isn't influential enough, the sumptuous, energizing scent of grapefruit and orange will leave you addicted. And as delectable as the formula smells in the bottle, the results are even better on freshly-washed hair.

All in all, this duo delivered better volume, strength and shine than many traditional products I've tried, proving that beautiful, healthy hair can come naturally.

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    This shampoo is a mystery to me. I have fine hair and it has been feeling very dull and frizzy lately. I tried a hundred different shampoos and this is it. This shampoo is the best i've ever used. It's light weight and it does not feel greasy after washing as with the others i've tried. For it's price, it's a great product. I love it...the only thing is that i wish it was available in more far i've only seen it at walgreens and riteaid. hope others catch on and ask for it.

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