A Wonder Water To Quench Your Core

Imagine this: you take a sip of cool, refreshing water and you suddenly feel a rush of stabilized negative ions coursing through you, and a healthy alkalized state transcends over what was once your highly acidic body chemistry. Sounds science fiction? It's not that far off from the truth.

Brimming with all sorts of good-for-you properties, Affinity's Real Water trumps other waters in that it is alkaline. The pH of most waters is acidic, which is believed to perpetuate poor health. Real Water's alkaline state can help neutralize acidity and lead you back on the right path.

Not stopping there, this antioxidant-rich wonder water also contains negative ions to help it absorb more readily on a cellular level, increasing its ability to hydrate.

Yes, it seems like a flashback to tenth-grade chemistry class, but it's just a cocktail of goodness wrapped up into a crisp and tasty water.