Think Pink To Detoxify Dull Skin

Don't let sunny skies fool you! There's still plenty of pollution weighing down on your delicate skin, leaving it lifeless and in desperate need of detoxification. You need an expert exfoliator that gets down to the nitty-gritty to rid your complexion of all things... well... gritty.

Sircuit offers a bubblegum-pink potion called sir activ zeolite invigorating scrub that really removes dull, dead skin along with icky pollutants that helped it get that way. The titular zeolite-those are volcanic minerals-is capable of trapping both external and biological debris, while apple and cranberry (the source of the scrub's color) offer antioxidant benefits. Scrub staple jojoba beads perform the physical exfoliation that leaves to softer, smoother skin.

An absolute must for city folk, sir activ ensures a radiant complexion in a less-than-luminous environment.