Shiny, Happy Hair From A Fast-Acting Oil

Recently, I cut off about four inches of dry, damaged hair in an effort to make my mane look healthier; and it worked-a little. See, chopping off the bottom doesn't do anything for the condition of the remaining length, so the search was still on for something to genuinely improve my hair's health.

I feel like I've tried just about every pre- and post-styling potion that's ever been made for frizzy, frayed hair, and while some have made a short-term difference, nothing has made a substantial impact. So when I came across Neil George Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil, I was skeptical that another after-shower smoother would really do the trick.

Well, if Neil Weisberg and Amanda George had been standing in the bathroom with me, they would've said "We told you so!" (Then I would've politely asked them to leave, because I have a very small bathroom; not to mention that would be kind of weird.) Just two pumps of this antioxidant-rich, luxurious oil made my still-long hair unprecedentedly silky. Without the assistance of any other products or tools, it dried to a super-soft, shiny, oooh-I-wanna-touch-it finish.

The best part is that the effect of Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil isn't temporary. The more I use it, the more genuinely, cumulatively healthy my hair looks and feels.

I realize, as a beauty editor, that I will obligated to try many more frizz-fighting treatments, but I can predict that I'll keep on coming back to this awesome oil.