Smell-Through Beauty Product Packaging?

If you're picky about scents, one of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for beauty products when no tester is available is not knowing what a cream, lotion or perfume smells like until it you've made a monetary commitment to it. Who hasn't bought a product for its formula only to find out that they can't stand the fragrance?

This vexation may be a problem of the past if a new innovation catches on within the industry. A clever company has created packaging that allows customers to get a whiff of what the contained product smells like without opening it.

In addition to making shopping a little easier for consumers, the company behind the idea believes brands will benefit by letting their pretty packaging shine-no unsophisticated scratch-and-sniff stickers would detract from the design.

We look forward to finally knowing what our noses are getting into when we shop for our skin!