A Safe Way To Soak Up The Sun

When it comes to self-tanner application, we thought we'd seen it all. Lotions, sprays, foams, airbrushes, towelettes-we honestly couldn't think of any other option. But ModelCo successfully surprised us with their latest creation: the SunSponge.

Already the proud owner of an excellent self-tanner reputation (due to their award-winning Tan Airbrush in a Can), ModelCo has created a unique way to get a safe, total-body tan by releasing a lightweight formula through an easy-to-control sponge atop an ergonomic bottle/handle combo. The sponge acts as an applicator, blender, and even a buffing cloth as it starts to dry, helping to prevent over-saturation by your skin.

But it's not just the application that makes SunSponge so special; the formula itself is both foolproof and moisturizing. It's lightly tinted, so you get a good idea of how evenly you're spreading it on. Additionally, a proprietary complex counteracts the drying effects of DHA, while a cocoa butter aroma counteracts its scent.

We can't wait to see what self-tanning innovation ModelCo comes up with next, but in the meantime, we're more than happy to use this innovative invention.