A Solution For In-Between Skin

I don't know about you, but no one checks my ID at bars anymore. But that doesn't stop my complexion from occasionally spawning blemishes the size of a small country. When I use anti-acne products that cater to teenagers-a demographic I have not been in for many years-my face dries out like a Brill-o pad and makes the few fine lines on my face even more prominent.

I need an anti-aging treatment with anti-acne benefits, and it's sort of mind-blowing how many skincare companies haven't noticed this niche. Except for Neova. Their Matrix AR treatment was created to reduce the signs of aging and to treat acne-prone skin. And what a treat it is! The solution uses a patented retinol technology-and if you're reluctant to try retinol, take heart: this doesn't cause the irritation that you can get (or at least I got) with a topical retinol-based prescription product.

Matrix AR is a night treatment, as retinol makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun. I used it alone after I washed my face; just a few pumps covered my face and neck. After about two weeks, I noticed my complexion was smoother, and the sun discoloration on my forehead had diminished considerably. My skin just looks perkier, less tired, and clear; I haven't had a breakout to date.

What is the Matrix (AR)? The answer is out there, Neo(va)-and I'm glad I discovered it!