A Strand-Strengthening Spray

When we think of hair-repairing formulas, we typically envision deep conditioners and masks that leave us lingering in the shower for longer than usual. So imagine our surprise when we came across one of the most effective hair treatments we've seen-and it was in easy-peasy spray form.

ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is to your hair what a high-performance toner is to your face. The alcohol-free liquid works to improve your mane's condition with its titular protein, while also protecting it from further damage with its titular antioxidant. All you do is spray it on after you shower, and heat-either naturally from your body or from an external source like a blow-dryer-bonds the formula to the shaft.

Even though it's wise-and practically effortless-to use the Restructurizer every time you wash your hair, it's especially smart to spray it on after you've had a chemical service, as it helps prevent breakage and color-fading.