An Apple A Day Keeps The Free Radicals Away

When I grew up in a landlocked state situated smack in the middle of the 48, apples, bananas and green grapes were the only fruits in my dietary lexicon. (Canned peaches, too, but I don't think that counts as actual fruit.) I didn't know a mango until my early 20s, but my Achilles heel has always been apples: apple pie, Apple Brown Betty, certain sangrias with apple, etc. So it seemed natural (pun unintended) to try something from Juice Beauty's sweeping line of green apple products.

I went for the Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer, mostly because I wanted to see how it smells, plus, my skin has been in desperate need of a big hit of antioxidants.

The first three ingredients in the Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer are organic juices-lemon, grape and, of course, apple. I like food-based skincare, but unless you're somebody who likes putting oatmeal and mayonnaise directly on your face and hair, an antioxidant complex like the one in this moisturizer provides a bit more assuagement and a lot less clean-up.

Like the entire Juice Beauty collection, Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer doesn't contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum, butylene glycol, nor other ingredients in anti-freeze. Even the packaging is 100% recycled fiber. Delicious and nutritious!

Best of all, after a few days of use, my skin looked and felt refreshed and dewy, instead of like a piece of proscuitto. I may have gotten laughed at years ago for mistaking an apricot for a peach, but I don't need to expand my fruity repertoire-green apple is the fruit for me!