Get Glistening, Healthier Hair

The longer hair gets, the older it is; and the older it gets, the duller it can become. When strands don't shine like they used to, it can be a frustrating display of declining hair health. But we've found a way to give hair instant luster and long-term therapy.

KMS California's SilkSheen Silk Treatment may seem like a typical deep conditioner at first glance-you put it on towel-dried hair for three to five minutes-but it's way more than that. In addition to softening your hair every time you use it, thanks to almond and basil, it does something extra-special.

Look closely at the creamy formula in the jar and you'll see subtle sparkles. That effect transfers to your hair, leaving your locks shimmering and shiny, and immediately healthier-looking.

We love how using Silk Treatment gives you and instant preview of what continuing use can help naturally promote.