A Sexy Spa Tan With An At-Home Airbrush

There's no excuse to tolerate sun damage to get a tan these days. With so many self-tanning lotions and foams and spa spray-tanning services, you can get that golden look without risking wrinkles and cancer. And yet we still hear complaints about these faux-glow options. “I look too orange,” some say. “I can't apply self-tanner all over my body without help,” gripe others. “You can't control where the misting booth sprays,” lament the rest.

We admit, it's not a perfect science-we know what it's like to come home from the spa with that weird shower-cap border below our hairlines, or look down to find muddy-looking ankles. But we think we've found the ideal alternative for even the most reluctant self-tanning convert.

Luminess Tan is a clever, FDA-approved, at-home self-tanning system promising professional results-maybe better. It incorporates a proprietary airbrush technology and an odorless, streak-free, truly un-orange formula to create amazingly even, realistic results.

Aside from the airbrush spray ensuring uniform DHA distribution, it also makes hard-to-reach spots easy to cover without mimicking a contortionist. It's safe for the face, too!

The best part may be the price. If you were to go to a high-end spa for a spray tan, you could easily spend $130-what you'll pay for Luminess Tan-in just two or three visits. Making a small investment now means year-round access to safely-tanned skin.