Primer That Needn't Be Followed By Foundation

I rarely wear foundation during the day on weekends, so it makes sense that I wouldn't wear foundation primer, either-especially because I've never been much of a primer person. But ever since I first spread a dab of boscia's recently repackaged Skin Perfecting Primer across my forehead-out of curiosity and occupational obligation-I've been a changed woman.

Even though this paraben-free, peppermint-spiked formula does wonders for your foundation application, it has truly impressed me as a provisional final step on casual days. I put it on a few minutes after my moisturizer, and it does much of what I'd want a light-coverage foundation to do: mattify, lessen the look of pores, and make my skin look silky and smoother.

Sure, the word "primer" implies preparation, that something comes after. But in my case, the only thing that follows is a closer-to-flawless complexion. And that's all I need on a lazy Saturday-or any day, for that matter!