A Five-Star Sunscreen For Every Face

Modesty is not a prerequisite for a fantastic skincare product, as proven by One Extraordinary Sunscreen SPF 20, a new face formula from Bioelements. The title may be boastful, but it's accurate.

One Extraordinary Sunscreen is, quite simply, the sunscreen for everyone. Any concern you could possibly have about a sunscreen is put to rest in this little bottle. Prone to breakouts? It's oil-free. Your sensitive skin has an unwanted reaction to chemical sun filters? It's purely physical-12.75% zinc oxide. That kind of powerful mineral protection means UV rays are reflected away so they won't cause the damage that leads to wrinkles and age spots.

There's absolutely no reason to use a sunscreen intended for the body-or a less sophisticated, more irritating facial sunscreen, for that matter-now that this brilliant broad-spectrum option is available.