Aveeno's Nourishing New Hair-Care Venture

You may not remember it, but Aveeno has been helping your skin since you were little. That oatmeal bath mom gave you when you had the chicken pox? Probably Aveeno. Nowadays, you're probably familiar with their daily anti-aging and clarifying products, which, if you're anything like us, you love. So is it any surprise that a brand with over 60 years of personal-care prowess could come up with an amazing hair-care collection?

The Nourish+ line of shampoos and conditioners go beyond cleansing and moisturizing hair, pinpointing your particular issues with wisely-chosen natural ingredients like lotus flower, lavender and oat protein, depending your hair type.

Regardless of whether you have dry, damaged hair, fine hair, or an itchy scalp, each formula contains blend of wheat protein and wheat germ oil to optimally target any damage you may have.

We have only one question for Aveeno: What took you so long?!