A Bronzed Summer Smile

OK, so you've got bronzer for your face, bronzer for your body-we've even shown you bronzer for your eyelids. If only there was bronzer for your lips...

Yep, Too Faced has taken the shades of their best-selling face-bronzing powders and turned them into three shimmering Lip Bronzer lip glosses. Don't worry that your lips will look unusually brown-each one has a bronze side plus a flattering color like pink, beige or fawn to make them totally wearable. We find, like bronzer can enhance teeth's white appearance, this takes the effect to a whole new level!

While making these, Too Faced kept in mind that you'd probably want to wear these all summer in the skin-drying heat, so they're packed with hydrating vitamin E and essential oils so your lips feel as great as they look.