A Hair-Extension Expert Offers Advice

NewBeauty wanted to get to the root of achieving the best possible hair extension experience, so we Q&A'd Angelo David, the owner of New York's Angelo David salon and creator of Couture Hair Additions and Extensions. Here's what he had to say.

NewBeauty: What should you do before you get hair extensions?
Angelo David: Get comfortable with the salon and extensions you are interested in. When someone comes into my salon, I am always straight with them: this is something that you are attaching to your hair-it will always add extra tension to your hair. You can work with your stylist to determine what type is best for you.

NB: What kind of care do extensions require?
AD: Brushing out is one of the most important things to maintain extensions properly. Use the proper type of brush, which is a combination of a boar's hair and nylon. Brush your hair prior to bed, getting as close to the base of the root as possible. Always wash one direction, using proper shampoos and conditioners. Heat styling is not a problem. You can always use a flat iron or curling iron, but hot rollers are best; it's not an aggressive heat, and it takes a lot longer than a curling iron, so it doesn't damage the hair.

NB: What makes someone an ideal candidate for extensions?
AD: A thick, healthy head of hair, a little below shoulder-length-at least six inches or longer.

NB: Is any stylist qualified to apply extensions?
AD: No. My stylists are with me for three years before they work with extensions. I see it all the time-every week, I have five or six women come into my salon with the worst experience of their lives, complaining. Not everyone is qualified.