An Elegant Perfumery Sets Up Shop Down South

One of my coworkers induces envy in me every time she walks by; not for any of the typical reasons you might assume, but instead because she wears Jo Malone Tuberose Cologne. I've coveted this fragrance for I-don't-know-how-long. Not only am I obsessed with all things tuberose, but I'm entirely enchanted by the undeniable sophistication of all things Jo Malone. I'm unwilling to buy it online for fear that I may find out it doesn't mix well with my chemistry, and the last time I overcame my lifelong department-store peevishness and went to Neiman Marcus's Jo Malone counter, they didn't have it. Alas.

Things are looking up, though-way up. I just learned that Florida's very first freestanding Jo Malone shop will be opening next month in Aventura, a mere 35 miles from the seat in which I am typing at this very moment. The store promises to have a full range of the famous fragrances, body creams and lotions, so surely-surely-my future bottle of Tuberose Cologne will be there waiting for me.

The only thing I might be looking forward to more than making that purchase is what I can get for free from the knowledgeable staff: a Scent Surround consultation for home fragrance ideas, and a hand and arm massage.