Island-Inspired Body Care For Supple Skin

The word elope can rouse any hopeless romantic, but now there's a reason for all beauty buffs, schmaltzy or not, to get excited about it.

Elope is also the name of a lavish line that recalls the relaxing, summery atmosphere of the tropics. Formally Elope Island Beauty, the collection includes lotions and body butters inspired by Seychelles, Maldives and Maui.

There's not a single item in the range that we can resist, but we're especially enthralled by the Seychelles Body Butter. Even though it's super-rich-filled with illipe and shea butters, kelp, hibiscus, beeswax and vitamin E to seriously moisturize-its sublime citrus scent makes it feel like a perfect summer selection.

We're not lucky enough to have plans to visit the namesake islands of Elope's products any time soon, but we're happy just to get that on-vacation feeling when we apply them on a sunny day.