Strong, Static-Free Strands

I'm a self-professed sucker for packaging. You could put Mack Truck exhaust fumes in a design-minded bottle with distinctive font, and I'd probably buy it. Luckily, that's not what's inside N.4's eye-catching l'eau de Mer Hydrating Condition container.

Once you get past appearances, you'll pump out a post-shampoo formula that's ready to battle static, fight frizz, and keep external ugliness-like harsh hair-styling habits-out. Between nourishing vitamin B5 and jojoba, antioxidant-rich acai, hibiscus and mangosteen, restorative burdock root and oolong tea, vibrance-boosting black currant and yogurt, and just a touch and shine-showering silicones, N.4 has created a high-performance, paraben-free, vegan stroke of conditioning genius.

And did I mention it smells exactly like how I want the library in my hypoethical future mansion to smell? I completely lucked out when I was drawn to this radical rectangle!