Hide Dark Circles With A Peculiar Primer

When we first saw this Khuraira product, some of us thought, "Ooh, a new lip gloss!" Others thought, "Ooh, a new cream blush!" Not a single person thought, "Ooh, a primer for dark circles!" And why would we? It's orange.

After uttering a collective "Huh?" we got to the bottom of this cosmetic curiosity. Created by Nigerian-born, New Jersey-based namesake Khuraira, an accomplished makeup artists with an impressive celebrity client list, Age-Control Dark Circle Primer is orange for a very good reason. When concealer alone doesn't sufficiently hide the blue hue of under-eye darkness, this primer applied beforehand does. Blended with a concealer brush, it helps the makeup you put on after stay truer in color, while continuously neutralizing the blueness.

You can use the same technique on post-procedure bruises, too, all the while offering your skin anti-aging moisture brimming with palmitoyl peptides (oligopeptide and tetrapeptide-3), tocopherol (vitamin E), wheat germ, barley, and sunflower seed oil.

Now, orange you glad you know about this primer? (Cue rimshot.)