The Simplest Of Scrubs For Smoother Skin

We're used to seeing ingredient lists long enough to rival the Billboard 200; and there was a time when we believed lots of ingredients going into a product automatically meant lots of thought went into it, too. That notion, however, is an insult to the simply amazing and amazingly simple goat milk polishing grains by sumbody.

This natural blend has a mere trio of ingredients: almonds, amaranth flour, and goat's milk. Unlike other exfoliating formulas, it sits in its bottle as dry as can be. You activate it with water, and as you massage the now-rich preparation over your face, it sloughs away roughness and hydrates thirsty skin.

Brought together by hand, these cleansing, three-part grains pack quite a few much-needed nutrients: vitamins A and C, and calcium, just to name a few.

And as if you needed more reason why only a literal handful of ingredients is so special, the limited list of contents means no parabens, sulfates or other synthetic foes.