A Chocolate Antioxidant Fix

They say that real beauty comes from within. I say, that's a load of bunk. But there's only so much vitamin A, C and E you can slather on your face before your insides needs a hit, too. Admittedly, I give more attention to what I put on my face than to how I'm fueling my body-I usually blow off my multivitamin and my calcium chews (ladies, please, take a calcium supplement), and I've had days go by without even seeing a green vegetable.

However, when chocolate is the vehicle for the nutritious antioxidants your body wants and needs-well, I'll try anything once.

Pure Inventions is a line of liquid supplements that caters to different health concerns, with the flavors to showcase it. Some of the supplements are green-tea-based, some are fruity, and some are meant to relax you, whereas others are designed for healthy weight management. They all come in dropper bottles with a modern label, and they're so easy to use-you just put two full droppers of the supplement into your favorite beverage. You can use juice, tea, whatever.

Since I tried their Pure Cocoa Antioxidant in Chocolate, I opted for an egg cream. (Ironically, egg creams contain neither egg nor cream, and since I use very little chocolate milk and mostly fizzy water, it won't derail the diet.) The taste is just like chocolate, which I loved since the label promised it to be sugar-free, artificial-sweetener-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free and dairy-free-all qualities I don't usually associate with chocolate.

Pure Cocoa Antioxidants (there's also Vanilla and Mint) contain potent amounts of chocolate-derived antioxidants, including those associated with optimal cardiovascular health. And recent studies show that cocoa may help promote healthy skin structure and improve skin density. And in case I failed to mention it, this stuff tastes just like chocolate.

Hey, I'd give up chocolate altogether, but I'm no quitter.