Minerals Meet Botanicals In Brilliant Body Washes

Ahava has always been the go-to brand for skincare made with Dead Sea minerals. That has been enough to make us faithful fans, but this Israeli icon has gone above and beyond their usual formulations in their Mineral Botanic line.

This collection of Velvet Cream Washes marries Ahava's signature minerals to potent plant extracts, creating body cleansers that are as ridiculously enjoyable to use as they are beneficial. Inside the simple yet beautiful bottles are fragrant blends like Grape & Avocado, Hibiscus & Fig (amazing on dry skin), Honeysuckle & Lavender, Bamboo & Pansy, Lotus Flower & Chestnut (a sensitive-skin savior) and Orange & Frangipani.

There's even an exfoliating formula in the bunch, the Water Lily & Guarana Micro-Peeling Cream Wash, which somehow calms and stimulates simultaneously, leaving skin smoother and more hydrated.